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New ImageDo you have a 4WD vehicle that just does not run cool enough in Australia? A lot of overseas developed 4WD cars are just not designed from an Australian perspective.

Driving in freezing rain in the northern hemisphere is not exactly a cooling challenge is it? Towing a caravan in 40 degrees soon sorts real cooling solutions out from the pale northern hemisphere imitations. Or what about the boat to tow on the beach – not sure how often this happens in Japan?

PWR build a range of stock OEM replacement radiators to keep your 4WD cool in Australia. When the going gets tough, PWR radiators get cooling! Whether it is a Patrol, a Cruiser or a Rangie, we have bolt in OEM replacement to help you keep your cool when driving around this great country.

Or if we don’t have exactly the part you are looking for or you have a more exotic 4WD, we can design and build you one – this is the advantage of having our own designers and factory right here in Australia.

New Image8We can manufacture all your engine cooling requirements as well as a radiator. We do manufacture a large range of intercoolers, transmission oil coolers and engine oil coolers – just ask our sales team for what you are after. We do offer a limited range of intercooler exchange cores where you can upgrade to a superior intercooler core that we fit to your existing tanks to save you costs. We also offer an exchange service where you can run an OEM identical complete intercooler whilst we make you new exchange unit.

For the true off road racer, PWR is renown around Australia by competitors as the benchmark cooling solution. Co-founder Kees Weel has competed in and won multiple Australasian Safaris plus PWR cooling solutions are used by most leading teams.