CNC Machining

Machining at PWR can be broken-down into three various sections but also allowing different options in each section.

3 Axis Machining:

With currently 11 machine cells available ranging in X travel from 710 mm to 1525 mm and spindle RPM of 14,000 component manufacturing can be finite optioned to suit drawing specification and best machine suited. All machines feature intuitive Probing systems for both work datums and tool probe features for speed, precision, and repeatability of set-up.

All machine cells work as 3 axis but also have the following features available:

 4 Axis Machining:

From a chuck to advanced material holding devices a component can be manufactured in less operations but also ensuring better accuracy between faces if a part allows this style of manufacture. Where possible we utilise this method to also reduce set-ups and to increase productivity.

 5 Axis Machining:

PWR has recently acquired additional 5 axis devices to complement the 3 axis machine cells that add 4- and 5-axis capabilities giving more machining options over a 4th axis rotary table, these have a working Dia of 267mm and can run all 5 axis simultaneously.

These state of the art 5 axis machine cells are optioned to 18,000 RPM with 120 tools magazines and various styles of palletised systems for light-out operation. We currently operate two banks of machine cells joined to an 18-pallet system X two off, these have a working window of X 600mm.

Additionally, we have two banks of 5 axis machines that are equipped with a 12- pallet system each, fitted out with 120 tools options, 18,000 RPM and a working window of 700mm is achievable.

These machine cells operate at the highest level of complexity around 5 axis machining, partnering with the best tooling suppliers and work holding to fully option the output from these machines, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with machine monitoring for productivity.

Turning Section:

Capabilities within the turning section include 5 axis, twin spindle, mill-turn options, and bar feeders for lights-out operation.

With Max Dia of 660mm X 995mm part lengths achievable we can cover a broad spectrum of turned components from a One off to Production Qty’s

Programming Department:

Complexity of machined components have been addressed with Master-Cam as our chosen CAM software partner and has been developed around PWR’s machining strategies for optimal 5 axis engagement, this has been a multiple year decision ensuring we are up to date with training and technical issues. We have multiple seats allowing for 3, 4 and 5 programming across our two locations allowing for 24 hour around the clock programming. Our CAM Software is backed up by our Simulation Software from NCSimul ensuring no tool or machine crash can occur giving safety to the technician and the machine cell.

Machines On-Site:

  • DM-2, X711, Y406, Z394 MM, S12,000 RPM: QTY 4 OFF
  • VF3-SS, X1016, Y508, Z635 MM, S12,000 RPM: QTY 1 OFF– 5 Axis Table Fitted
  • VF4-SS, X1270, Y508, Z635 MM, S15,000 RPM: QTY 5 OFF– 4 and 5 Axis Tables Available
  • VF5-XT, X1524, Y660, Z635 MM, S12,000 RPM, QTY 1 OFF– 4 Axis Table Available

Mazak 5 Axis Machining Centres:

  • Variaxis I-600 Smooth, 600mm Part Length, 18,000 RPM, 18 pallet, QTY 4 Off
  • Variaxis I-700 Smooth, 700mm Part Length, 18,000 RPM, 12 pallet, QTY 2 Off

Mazak Turning:

  • Integrex 200-IV, Twin Spindle, Bar Feeder, 660 MM Max Dia x 995 MM Max Length, Mill-Turn Capability. 1 Off
  • Quick-Turn 6T, Bar Feeder, 40 MM Max Dia. 1 Off