Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers

Our extensive experience and years of research and development in tube & fin heat exchanger technology has allowed PWR to develop fully customisable heat exchangers that can be tailored to extract the best performance for your application.

PWR has designed and produced an extensive range of tube and fin geometries allowing us to optimise core constructions to achieve lightweight and high performing coolers. Whether the heat exchanger be a water radiator, oil cooler, charge air cooler or refrigerant application we have dedicated core specifications that can be tailored to maximise cooling performance. PWR has also developed specific tube and fin combinations to optimise thermal management for coolers in applications like battery cooling, motor cooling and electronics cooling.

With tube & fin heat exchangers PWR also has the ability to completely customize not only the size of the cooler but the shape as well. With the ability to produce 2D profiled coolers and free-form coolers PWR can design a tube fin cooler to maximize heat exchanger face area and minimize packaging space.

To further optimise airflow through the cooler tube & fin heat exchangers can be constructed through inclining the tubes to better align them with on-coming airflow and allowing for more aggressive cooler installation angles.  

In addition to manufacturing bespoke cores in-house PWR also offers fully tanked tube & fin heat exchangers. Through a variety of tanking options from traditional sheetmetal to billet machined and additively printed tanks we can further optimise cooling performance through our design expertise. Additionally, PWR can also offer services like inspection, bonding, passivation and flushing to deliver turn-key cooling solutions. Follow this link to see more of PWRs capabilities.