PWR Advanced Cooling Technology have been suppling bespoke cooling solutions to the motorsport world for over 20 years. In its infancy PWR was born from a need for better quality and performance radiators and oil coolers in the domestic V8 racing series. PWR quickly gathered momentum and became the market leader. Fast forward to the present day and PWR is now known worldwide as the natural go to for customized radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, energy store and electronics cooling. PWR have a strong presence in all aspects for racing and supply the below categories, winning multiple titles along the way;

Formula 1, WEC, Moto Gp, Indycar, Nascar, Dpi, DTM, Super GT, Super Formula, GT3, GTE, GTLM, WRC, WRX, Supercars and more.

Co-founder Paul Weel was the Australian Stadium Off Road Champion in 1997/98 plus drove in the Australian V8 Supercar series for a number of years. Plus co-founder Kees Weel has won multiple Australasian Safaris. Plus a lot of top race teams around the world like Red Bull Formula 1, Roush Fenway Racing in NASCAR, Red Bull Mobile V 8 Supercars use PWR cooling solutions. So PWR knows that racing is about winning, and winning requires every part of your set-up to be just right. PWR started on the understanding that cooling is not just keeping your vehicle running temperature right, but how efficient the cooling is and how it incorporated in a vehicle can effect performance.

PWR has all the ingredients to produce bespoke cooling solutions for your racing requirements. We have the engineering staff who understand the technical requirements of cooling and placement in a vehicle and can review your technical data, which allows PWR to start to design what best suits. Whether it is a radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler, intercooler, power steering cooler, fuel cooler, energyrecovery cooler, hydraulic cooler, or some other cooler; chances are that PWR will have the technology, IP, design and manufacturing capability to provide the right solution for you.

We have an experienced drawing team who can put the design in SolidWorks® 3D CAD for review and iterative redesigns. Then our experienced factory staff put the design into production using our unrivalled range of aluminium coil, tube, sheet and turbulators fin. Once the core is complete, we can test the actual results in our Wind Tunnel test facility where the entire core (up to 1 metre square) can be tested, plus it can be tested in series if your design involves stacked coolers.

Our engineers review the data and results from the testing and can refine designs or provide data to your team to review. Any changes can be manufactured through the factory again for further testing.

Once the final product is working to your requirements, we can fabricate tanks and fillers to your requirements using our welding craftsmen to provide a complete assembly. PWR has a well equipped Machine shop that provide billet tanking for many racing customers.

Many racers contact us with just one problem that it seems that no-one can fix. PWR with its engineers, cooling knowledge, range of options, flexible manufacturing, speed to production, testing facilities and passion to help have solved many a problem. Just contact us to see how we can help.