Modular Assembly

In addition to the production of high-performance cooling systems, PWR have a proven track record in assisting our customers in platform integration. As a vertically integrated company with vast capabilities, PWR can manufacture complete sub-assemblies on behalf of the customer as a value-added process to streamline production at the final assembly plant.

PWR can manufacture and source a vast array of machined, fabricated, carbon composite and common of the shelf parts, to allow assembly of complete cooling system modules to our customers specifications.

Example 1- In the case of a radiator, this could include additional carbon composite bonded ducting and brackets, bespoke fluid line, cooling fans, thermostats, passivation and flushing processes. Allowing the customer to directly assembly the full cooling module.

Example 2. In electronics cooling applications, PWR manufacture the cooling plates through controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) or vacuum brazing. Once complete the parts can have surface treatments such as chemical conversion and anodizing completed in house. Additional heat pipes, heat pads, quick disconnects and locating mechanisms can be assembled in our clean room build environment.