Quality Control

PWR Computed Tomography

Weighing approximately 42 tonne, PWR’s largest investment to date in a single piece of test equipment occurred with the purchase of a Yxlon FF85 CT scanner. With an inspection envelope of 1000mm height x 850mm diameter, parts as large as 2000mm height x 1500mm diameter may be interrogated layer by layer with full 360° rotation. Having up to 450 kV electrical potential, 320 W of tube power and with a focal spot size of less than 6µm, this instrument gives PWR full insight into weld penetration, inclusions and porosity, braze quality, internal product features and geometry that would otherwise be unknown without destruction. Used primarily for research & development and quality assurance, this CT scanner opens-up a multitude of potential for further product development and non-destructive testing at PWR and for external partners and research institutions.

Industrial computed tomography (CT) is a highly precise, non-destructive X-Ray imaging technology. The CT scanner reconstruction produces a complete 3D representation of a component, based on a large number of 2D X-ray images. Computed Tomography allows PWR to draw conclusions on the external and internal structures without the need to physical dissect and analyse the entire component which would otherwise render it unsuitable for future use.

PWR utilises Volume Graphics VG Studio Max software which enables a seamless connection between the Yxlon FF85 data and the comprehensive analysis tools and measurement functions within the software. Some of the evaluations that can be performed include porosity/inclusion analysis, Wall thickness analysis, Nominal/Actual Comparison and Coordinate Measurement

PWR Metrology Lab

PWR’s Quality Engineers use the latest metrology technology in our climate controlled Metrology lab to guarantee the dimensional and geometrical accuracy of our products. PWR’s metrology capabilities include a Hexagon Explorer performance 12.22.10 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with 3D laser scanning ability paired with PC-DMIS inspection software. The CMM allows programmable autonomous inspection providing measurement results with high accuracy which plays a key role in PWR’s quality assurance. The CMM has a large inspection envelope of 1200mm x 2200mm x 1000mm (X,Y, Z Axis)and is capable of maintaining tolerances down to a micron. PC-DMIS is the world’s leading coordinate measurement machine software. PWR uses its powerful capabilities to measure and interrogate everything from simple prismatic parts to the most complex aerospace, defence and automotive components. The software has the capability of importing a nominal model and comparing the measured data deviation.

The metrology lab also utilizes four Romer Absolute 7-Axis measuring arms with 3D laser scanning capability combined with Polyworks inspection software. The Romer arms provide PWR high measurement productivity and dimensional accuracy. The Romer arms are a versatile measuring instrument for PWR measuring simple and complex fixtures, components and finished products. PolyWorks Inspector is a universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software solution to control tool or part dimensions guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using the Romer Absolute arms. It allows PWR’s Quality Engineers to extract meaningful information from their measured 3D data, automate the inspection process when more than one piece is measured, and structure the presentation of measurement results.