Bar and Plate Heat Exchangers

Along with producing tube & fin style heat exchangers PWR also has a wide-ranging ability in producing bar & plate style heat exchangers. Typically known for their increased robustness and durability innate to its design PWR has a wide range of bar and plate construction options that can be tailored to meet a project’s requirements and optimise performance. Through our extensive research and development PWR has a new look on old technology through advancements in fin geometry, lightweight yet durable components and ability to shape coolers.

From robust and heavy-duty bar & plate solutions designed to succeed in the most demanding conditions in Mining and Defence applications to lightweight coolers for Aerospace and Motorsport PWR can meet your needs.

Much like our tube & fin heat exchangers PWR’s bar & plate coolers can also be fully customised not just in size but also in shape with the ability to profile the shape of the coolers to optimise heat exchange area and minimise packaging space.

Like all of our products PWR can deliver bar & plate coolers as part of a turn-key solution ready to drop right into your application.