Low and High Volume Production

PWR has applied a group structure which allows the team to engage with the customer at the concept phase of a high volume production run. Partnering with customers and OEM’s at this early stage in a project allows PWR to support our customers in full to ensure the end products is engineered to provide optimized performance, whilst adhering to packaging & design constraints, operating conditions and mass limitations.

In the concept phase PWR work in parallel with the customer to develop the prototype cooling systems. These systems are defined in the first instance through internal simulation tools, to predict performance of each component. Once complete, the prototype unit can then be physically tested in our thermal calorimeter wind tunnel or electronics cooling plate test rig. This equipment allows real world testing of the components and the generation of a matrix of test data which our customers can then input into their internal models to close the loop on steady state or transient performance.

Once prototype performance is approved the project will move to the next phase of testing and pre-production parts. At this stage PWR have internal modelling and simulation tools to perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the part in readiness for production design & manufacturing processes. PWR can also complete a mix of internal testing and external 3rd party testing to complete Design & Validation Processes (DVP) on the parts, to verify batch performance, operating characteristics, and durability.

PWR is an advanced technology company and is globally recognized as the go to in the production of more complex assemblies for production runs of ~100-20,000 parts per year, with more conventional parts produced in volumes as high as 100,000 parts per year.