Prototyping and Custom Manufacturing

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of prototype and custom heat exchange products and is resource ready for all of your additive manufacturing and billet machining requirements.

From the beginning, PWR identified that not every customer or indeed project requires the same thermal management solution to achieve a desired outcome.  In acknowledgment of this, PWR is dedicated to providing a focused service on delivering bespoke, engineered cooling solutions to meet specific design and performance criteria for any application, in any industry.

Complimenting this solution orientated service is PWR’s ability to produce heat exchangers utilising a range of manufacturing technologies:

  • Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers
  • Bar and Plate Heat Exchangers
  • MicroMatrix Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Surface (Liquid Cold Plates) Heat Exchangers
  • Additive Manufacturing

Through careful selection of industry leading equipment and machinery, PWR remains versatile and able to customise these various manufacturing technologies to optimise the size, shape and performance outputs of the heat exchanger, regardless of the chosen manufacturing technology, to best meet your project requirements irrespective of the build volume.

Furthermore, all heat exchanger components are produced from raw material within PWR’s two manufacturing facilities ensuring that we remain ultimately flexible, and without extensive lead times to best fulfil your cooling requirements.