Liquid Cold Plates

PWR has a range of manufacturing options for liquid cold plates used in applications like battery and electronic cooling.

PWR manufacture liquid cooling plates and brazed chassis for Aerospace, Defence and Motorsport markets. These components are used in a variety of end applications such as radar systems, autonomous vehicles, energy storage systems and power electronics cooling applications.

PWR have a state-of-the-art vacuum brazing furnace rated to 1300°c and suitable for Aluminium brazing at class 1, together with higher melting point superalloys rated at class 2. Coupled with our in-house machine shop we are able to produce billet machined vacuumed brazed cold plates with complex internal cavities to increase thermal performance and assist with more uniform surface temperatures. Through post braze heat treating and post-machining processes stiff yet lightweight cold plates can be produced. 

A range of pressed cold plates and wave MPE (multiport extrusion) tube options are also available for cylindrical and pouch cell battery cooling.