Tooling, Jig and Fixture Design and Manufacture

Ensuring PWR Advanced Cooling Technology remains agile to customer demand and capable of producing finished heat exchanger assemblies with complex geometries to the finest tolerances, requires significant Tooling, Jig and Fixture design capability. 

The tooling and fixtures required to produce our cutting-edge cooling solutions are developed by our experienced design team with a focus on ensuring that critical tolerances can be achieved with a high level of repeatability.

The manufacturing of tooling, jigs and fixtures is completed in house utilising our state-of-the-art CNC machining facilities so that we can ensure the quality and accuracy from the beginning of the heat exchanger manufacturing process. For more complex tooling and fixturing solutions, PWR can really flex our capabilities and rely on additive manufacturing in high temperature resins, engineering plastics and even metals.

At the completion of manufacturing, we ensure that both a repeatable and accurate result will be achieved with our tooling, jigs and fixtures by employing our meticulous quality control processes to scan and probe designs before they are utilised in manufacturing heat exchangers.

As a result of designing and manufacturing our own tooling, jigs and fixtures, PWR is poised in a unique way that allows us to react and develop solutions for complex problems in a fast-paced manner.  Time and time again PWR have been able to deliver solutions where others could not by developing bespoke tooling, jigs and fixturing to achieve customers designs.