Engineering and Design

To remain at the cutting edge of Advanced Cooling Technology, PWR employs an extensive Engineering and Design resource, assembled to compliment the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. 

In addition to and drawing from an extensive in-house R&D facility, our engineering capability allows for PWR to collaborate on projects from the initial scoping phase, through design, prototyping, testing and volume production, all from within a single facility to ensure responsive service, and engineering integration throughout the project.

Removing the design burden from our customer is integral in our working philosophy and is supported by PWR’s ability to add value to the project through contributing engineering and design input based upon empirical performance data, simulation and developed design solutions.

Having our own comprehensive calorific Windtunnel facility within our manufacturing and engineering facility means that we are rapidly able to build and test prototype heat exchangers to verify performance and optimise the design to engineer project solutions with confidence.

This means that PWR can be engaged from the initial phases of any project to collaboratively define heat exchanger geometries and specifications based on a library of performance data characterising the heat exchange specification, and design that complements our manufacturing capability. 

In essence, PWR possesses the capability to provide turn-key cooling system solutions through an integrated engineering and design approach from prototype design, specification and simulation, through manufacture, test verification and volume production.