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RedChev_dayPWR has specialised in supplying the Australian automotive aftermarket with radiators, engine oil coolers, transmission oil coolers, intercoolers and a range of accessories since we started. We have built up a large range of OEM bolt in replacement stock parts covering all the best known makes like Holden, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Honda as well as premium marques like BMW, Porsche, Lotus and the like.If you want to have a genuine Australian made OEM replacement, PWR can supply what you need. Even better, you get the benefit of technology that PWR has developed for race teams in your car. Sort of like the same, but better. And as it is designed for Australian conditions, you know that it will keep you cool in Australia.

If you are a motor enthusiast who has the special project car, or weekend track car, or you are building the ultimate street machine, you can rely on PWR to provide custom builds to suit your needs. Plus our craftsmen in the factory make sure that it looks great in the engine bay. Many of our customers proudly display the PWR logo in the engine bay as mark that only the best will do.


Performance machines demand performance cooling. If you take your power output from measly to magnificent, you have to manage the heat. This is where PWR can design you a race bred custom solution to make sure that your machine stays cool even when topping out the performance. Our sales team know what questions to ask to make sure that you get the right cooling solution, not the one of the “off-the-shelf” parts that others will try to sell you. And you know it is made right here in Australia.

If you have a cooling problem that you just cannot get anyone else to fix, give us a call as not only will our sales team probably seen it before, they will be able to work with you to design the best solution, and then get it built right here in Australia.

PWR also makes special kits like Intercooler kits where we put together all the bits and pieces you need , together with our world leading coolers, to give you the complete package.

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