International Secondment Program

Blake joined PWR in November 2018 when he was in the third year of a Mechanical Engineering Degree at Griffith University. With a keen interest in and passion for motorsport, PWR was the ideal place for him to develop his career. He worked his way through our Specialty Build area, quickly establishing himself as a conscientious team member, producing high quality work. Blake graduated in 2020 and is now an Engineer in Specialty Build.

“The opportunity for a 2 year secondment to PWR North America is a unique and awesome chance to take what I have learnt here and apply it there. At the same time, I will be able to learn from our North America Team when I am there and bring back my learnings to PWR Australia. With the USA having 3 Grand Prix next year, along with Canada and Mexico this is a great time to be going there. I am also keen to experience the USA culture and sport such as NFL, Hockey, Baseball and of course as much motorsport as I can get to see. Overall, this will give me an extra perspective and help me work towards my goal of becoming a Formula 1 Project Engineer for PWR, a goal which was further cemented when I was selected to hand deliver PWR units to the Haas F1 team in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.”