Investing in the future

Dave brings a wealth of experience and expertise to PWR. With a solid foundation as a motor mechanic in Sydney, he spent a decade honing his skills in the automotive industry. Seeking new challenges, Dave moved to Albury to pursue a career in Motorsport, where he joined BJR as a Production Manager.

In 2016, Dave transitioned into the role of a trainer, imparting his extensive knowledge to aspiring talents. His outstanding contributions earned him the prestigious title of WIOT Trainer of the Year in 2017, a testament to his exceptional teaching skills and ability to inspire others.

Today, Dave currently holds the position of Production Training Coordinator at PWR, where his daily tasks range from developing cutting-edge training tools to participating in career days. Dave’s versatility extends beyond the realm of training, as he actively assists our specialty build department in a hands-on capacity and willingly contributes wherever his expertise is required.

“It’s really cooled to work for a company that doesn’t waste time and is always focusing on moving forward. From building radiators to producing additive manufactured components for Aerospace. There has been investment in so much new technology even in the short amount of time that I have been at PWR.”

With Dave Camper’s unwavering passion, diverse skill set, and relentless pursuit of excellence, PWR continues to drive innovation in Motorsport and Engineering. We’re glad to have Dave on our team guiding the next generation of PWR’s employees.