Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

PWR specialize in custom liquid cooling products such as energy storage systems, power electronics cooling and heat exchange for battery and electronics applications. PWR use internal simulation and testing of our physical components to provide the customer with performance data, to take the guess work out of the systems specification. PWR use our onsite cold plate test rig and wind tunnel calorimeter to enable the above data generation. Using our in depth understanding of the requirements for these systems PWR manufacture and test bespoke solutions for a vast array of applications, such as;

Cloud based server rack cooling, Renewable energy harvesting, Aerospace drones, Autonomous vehicles for mining and road car and many more.

With the advances in battery technology over the past 10 years the number of electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers has risen exponentially. This has changed the landscape considerably with large OEM’s and smaller startup’s alike requiring various innovative cooling solutions to support the growing complexity of the energy store systems.

PWR have a large customer base in this sector and support this dynamic market with our custom solutions. PWR hold a strong market position in battery and electronics cooling, due to our technology, quality and manufacturing capabilities,  which have stemmed from our in-house research and development to support the full electric and hybrid motorsport categories, such as Formula E and Formula 1.

Many of the car manufacturers use the aforementioned categories as a proving ground for their battery technology and in many instances partner with PWR to develop solutions for a race category, then subsequently migrate the technology to their road car programs

In addition, PWR supply complete autonomous vehicle cooling solutions including dielectric cooling and compute cooling liquid cold plates for electronic systems in  self-driving vehicles for automotive and aerospace.