Matthew Bryson

Chief Technical and Commercial Officer

Matthew is responsible for the Technical and Commercial operations of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, working with his team of managers and supporting engineers to develop unique solutions for our customers, and continuing PWR’s advanced manufacturing technology pathway. Matthew completed his Mechanical Engineering Trade as a special class Fitter and Machinist/Toolmaker concurrently studying Mechanical Engineering, before working as a design engineer and applying both engineering and trade skill sets to the Motorsport industry.

Matthew joined PWR in 2000 as a design and manufacturing engineer contributing to PWR’s formative years across product and production engineering responsibilities. This role progressed to the position of Engineering Manager at PWR, as a position held for 15 years, working closely with PWR’s customers to grow the business, and overseeing the continued development of PWR’s product and advanced manufacturing capabilities. In July 2020, Matthew commenced the position of Chief Operating Officer at PWR, before taking on his current role of Chief Technical and Commercial Officer in August 2021 to support the future growth of PWR.