PWR Apprentice program – Welder

Demi Cross

Demi joined PWR in February 2021, having done various roles in retail and warehousing since leaving school in 2017. She was keen to start a career and having an interest in 4WD off roading and working on her Toyota Hilux, PWR was a great fit for her. In early 2022 Demi secured a place as a PWR Apprentice Welder in our Fabrication area and since then has gone from strength to strength.

“ When I came to PWR I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, then I saw Kaz (a female who was in fabrication) working and I knew I wanted to learn welding, so I managed to get onto the Apprenticeship program. It is really fun, challenging sometimes but I really enjoy it. PWR is good if you’re a girl; the guys here are great, it’s a respectable workplace. The GM of Production said I was the fastest to complete the welding training which made me happy and proud, and it’s good to beat the boys! As well as that what they teach you here is next level, so long term I want to continue my career on the welding training program with PWR.”