We Support our Schools and Apprentices with Development Opportunities

Our apprenticeship and school work experience programs help PWR to build talent for PWR’s future, while also giving the trainees the learning opportunities they need to keep moving forward in their careers.

Max Norris has been with PWR since 2018, initially through the PWR School Work Experience Program, Max is now in his third year of his Fitter and Turner Apprenticeship. Max is already running the 5 Axis CNC machines worth in excess of $1m.

“ The few years I have worked at PWR thus far has been nothing short of an exciting, high paced environment that is filled with a positive atmosphere wherever you go. The abundance of knowledge that surrounds me and other apprentices is second to none.

For myself to be given the opportunity to operate world class 5 axis CNC machines and rub shoulders with talented machinist and programmers so early in my career is a challenge that I do not take lightly, and with the support of incredible mentors and management, I am confident in my abilities as a machinist and constantly eager to learn more.

I am excited for the future of PWR and cannot wait to see where it can take us next.” – Max Norris