Mad Mike Whiddett keeps his ‘Fursty’ Mazda cool with PWR

Mad Mike Whiddett keeps his ‘Fursty’ Mazda cool with PWR

The name Mad Mike Whiddett is not only synonymous with motorsport, but is known for pushing his machines to the upper extremities of what’s possible, which is why he works with PWR Advanced Cooling Technology to ‘Engineer the Unfair Advantage.’

Sold in 2004 after propelling Mad Mike to victory at the iconic Skidfest event, two decades of successful drift competition later has given the New Zealand legend a 360-degree opportunity to re-purchase his Mazda 808 13B Wagon known affectionately as ‘FURSTY’, and he did just that.

The thing is, a lot changes in two decades, and now choosing ‘FURSTY’ as his primary 2024 Pro Drift Competition car to take on the very best in Japan, a lot of work had to be done to get his ride back up to spec.

Fortunately, the team at PWR worked closely with Mad Mike to develop a custom radiator for his trusty ‘FURSTY’ and provide all his necessary cooling requirements, getting the iconic duo prepared to line up on the grid of the D1 Grand Prix International Drift Championship.

“Drifting has to be one of, if not the harshest environment for any car to be punished and put to the test. The most important aspect is that we keep every part performing at their optimum temperature. Thanks to PWR, their product allows us to do just this, ranging from our screaming Rotary Engines with over 1200hp, to sequential gearboxes, differentials, and even all our custom builds where nothing’s available off the shelf. PWR can customise and design from our simple sketches, allowing us to build and perform at our absolute best. We wouldn’t be champions, we wouldn’t have World Records, and most importantly we wouldn’t be able to entertain as we do without PWR Performance Products”

Mad Mike

The PWR Team are wishing Mad Mike all the best as he reacquaints himself with the vehicle that started it all, as the two now line up to take on the D1 Grand Prix International Drift Championship.

If you are looking for a custom cooling solution for your vehicle, contact PWR today at or on (07) 5547 1600.