PWR Job Fair

PWR Job Fair

PWR’s Job Fair Draws an Impressive Turnout of Around 250 Attendees, Including a Surprise Visit from Toby Price

Last Saturday, PWR Australia, a leading provider of advanced cooling technology, hosted its first-ever Job Fair, attracting an enthusiastic crowd of around 250 individuals. This exclusive event, held on July 15th, aimed to provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about PWR and explore the diverse range of career prospects available within the company. The Job Fair exceeded expectations, not only in terms of attendance but also with a surprise appearance by Australian off-road and enduro motorbike racing world champion, Toby Price.

The event showcased various career opportunities at PWR, catering to individuals with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. For those new to the manufacturing sector, the company offered positions as Manufacturing Production Assistants, emphasizing that no prior experience was necessary, as comprehensive on-the-job training would be provided. Skilled Sheet Metal Tradespersons were sought after, with trade qualifications and experience being prerequisites for these roles. PWR was also actively recruiting highly experienced 3 and 5 Axis Machinists and Programmers to fill their CNC Machinists & Programmers positions. Quality Inspectors and experienced aluminum welders were in high demand as TIG Welders. Moreover, PWR is looking to fill vacancies for Project Engineers & Designers, seeking qualified and experienced individuals, as well as Mechanical Engineers who were either soon to be qualified or already qualified and eager to embark on their careers.

The Job Fair provided attendees with a morning packed with valuable information and insights. Participants were encouraged to explore their preferred job prospects or consider new career paths within the company. By attending, they gained firsthand knowledge of PWR’s dynamic world and discovered cutting-edge advancements in cooling technology.

What set this event apart was the opportunity to engage directly with PWR’s Management, Human Resources team, and other senior staff members. Attendees were able to acquire firsthand information about PWR’s operations, culture, and career development opportunities. Engaging in meaningful conversations allowed them to learn from the experiences and expertise of the company’s dedicated team, fostering a deeper understanding of the work environment at PWR.

One of the highlights of the Job Fair was the chance for attendees to have their burning questions answered. They took full advantage of this opportunity to gain insights into working in the manufacturing sector and learn about the essential skills, qualifications, and potential career progression within these fields.

The event also presented a unique occasion to complete the first step of the application process for those interested in joining the PWR team. Attendees were offered guidance on the application process, including valuable information on what the company looks for in potential candidates. By actively participating and showcasing their interest and enthusiasm, attendees took significant strides towards kickstarting their careers with PWR.

To the delight of everyone in attendance, Toby Price, Australia’s off-road and enduro motorbike racing world champion, made a surprise visit to the Job Fair. His presence added an extra spark of excitement and inspiration, reinforcing the dynamic nature of the event and the company.

If anyone was not able to attend the Job Fair but would like to learn more about PWR and the application process, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Human Resources department by calling 07 55471600, apply directly to a current position via the PWR website,, or drop by our office on Lahrs Road.