Update…PWR’s New Nissan R35 Billet Intercooler


PWR teamed up with GT Auto to do some chassis dyno testing of our product and another leading brand back to back. Before we get into that, most of you would be aware of WTF86 whose car also runs a PWR cooling package for the same R35 engine with a true 1100rwhp. A bit of background information on the intercooler for this weapon. Most think that making excess of 1000hp requires a 100mm thick intercooler. But this is far from the truth, this car uses a 270x690x68mm PWR core (12668400mm3) with proven results puts this myth to bed.

The PWR R35 core measures 255x560x87mm (12423600mm3) almost identical proving that our cooler has potential for big power with such a small surface area when compared to other competitor coolers. The beauty of our cooler goes beyond looks, it’s a direct bolt on upgrade, no cutting and utilizes the factory mounts and pipe work.

Back to the dyno test, one thing we all didn’t pick up on during the test was that the front bar and ducting was removed prior to both back to back testings were done. This would not make any difference to the PWR intercooler as our core was designed to sit lower than the front bar to fit the factory air dam. However, the competitor’s unit is much taller and thicker but we never reinstalled the front cover that actually covers up half of core. In doing this gave their core full direct airflow which would not happen in real life.

The end results (be it not an exact replication of on road comparisons) showed our mid to low range figures to be bang on but fairly close high up in the rev range. We were limited with what data we could access due to the results being pulled off from the cars OBD2 port and logged on the Dyna Pac. The next dyno test will be comparable this time and it will be a real test on a 1000+hp car with full Motec data logging temps and pressures.

Stay tuned with more to come from our BOLT ON BILLET R35 INTERCOOLER